This is the personal website of Kyle J. Davis.


In November 2022, with the dramatic and rapid shift of the tech industry away from Twitter to Mastodon, I began to become nostalgic for the days before large, corporate social media. I have had many tries at a personal blog or website over the years:

Era Platform Content
Mid-1990s GeoCities? AngelFire? I can’t remember My memory is fuzzy, I think I was interested in music and guitars at the time.
‘02-‘05-ish Custom blogging engine based on the LAMP stack. Travel, friends, some tech news and gadgets
‘11-‘18-ish Medium Databases and coding, mostly related to Redis

At work, I’ve blogged in various locations, often related to whatever role I had at the time.

What now?

I’m hoping to get back into personal blogging. I’ve become a better writer over the years and it doesn’t take me as long as it once did. I also want to share some stuff about my geeky hobbies that don’t quite fit on social media as a primary platform.

A few topics you may see from me here:

  • 3D Printing and modeling
  • Home Assistant and smart home stuff
  • Gardening
  • DIY and household projects

Occasionally, you might also see random tech related content that is outside the above areas.


I don’t have a huge amount of goals for this site. I think in my previous personal site iterations, I put too much pressure on myself to do something with the blog. If I’m honest, I do credit blogging on Medium with getting my foot into the door with a real tech company but I don’t think I’m looking to do anything like that this time around.